Sunday, 23 September 2012


I will be adding additional character designs based on the work of Chris Sickels from Red Nose Studio at a later date as they have already been packed and boxed for show and tell at uni :s

Character designs. Antony Micallef

Made using oil paint, colouring pencils, graphite and acrylic ink

Character design.Kelsey Brookes

This piece was made using light washes of oil paint and pen and ink.

Character designs. Jophen Stein

This piece was made using oil paints

Character Designs. Jeremy Fish

To make this piece i used acrylics, inks and pens
Jeremy Fish's work can be found on

Character designs. Sara Fanelli

I created this character using collage and water colours.
Sara Fanelli's work can be found on

character designs. Jeff Soto

This piece was inspired by the work of Jeff Soto using acrylic paint and inks.
The artists website is :

Numbers = Fun

Children's Picture Book sample pages

Strange feathery beast