Friday, 26 April 2013

Fmp work

i haven't done much to my blog since Christmas as my work load has been quite hectic however i have a couple of images which i have taken recently of 2 characters from my final major which was  based on Shakespeare's  the tempest. Once the deadline has passed i will put everything up!!!!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Old Woman picture book project.

For the project i chose to make the character less human and more a spirit like entity Poisoned or corrupted by evil, the cover is fairly simple and shows her mask on a black lace fabric slowly destroying a background of roses. The character doesn't feature much in the sample pages ive provided for the project but the black fabric features heavily to leave the impression shes always around. This piece allowed me to do some sculpting which i was happy to do again as i haven't done it since the social gathering project for which i made the punk and the boxer characters.

On this double page spread i have used the part of the text where she is spying on her child in the door way and then grabs and eats him. The child is faceless because she doesn't recognize until its too late that it is in fact her own child. 

The final page shows the character realising what she has done and begins to crack and blow away into the wind, the idea of blowing like dust in the wind comes straight from the text. I used a cracked dolls head to symbolize her child because an actual child's head would have been inappropriate and pretty rotten. The artists Dave Mckean, Marco Mazzoni and James Jean have all influenced me greatly during this project.For  the project i used oil paint, photoshop, sculpting and mixed media.